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If there are any comments or concerns with how I play Mindfang, this is the post to tell me!

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Like most of the characters in Homestuck, Mindfang has a distinctive way that she writes. Namely, she writes in blue courier and replaces the letter b and -ate/eight sounds with the number 8. She was written as a parody of bad fan fiction, so she has a verbose way of writing with heavy abuse of synonyms. If you have a preference on whether or not I use the quirk, please let me know and I'll be happy to stick to voice/video with your characters!

Mind Manipulation

Mindfang has the power to to control the minds of trolls and make them do whatever she wants. It's stronger on the lower classes and weak-willed. She's shown doing this to a large crowd when she has them hang one of her enemies instead of her. With humans, this ability is considerably weaker. She can only put them to sleep or wake them up.

In both cases, I will talk to you before she attempts either, but if you are completely against having her be able to use these abilities on your character, just let me know and I'll make sure to avoid it!


More recent canon has shown that Mindfang (and her earlier self) has the ability to use powers of empathy to get a basic reading of how a character feels. This is said to work on humans:

ARANEA: 8ut don't worry. They don't seem to work the same way on your species. They're considera8ly weaker.
ARANEA: The most I can do is get an empathic impression of your emotional state.
ARANEA: So if I speculate that you are shy or nervous, it is 8ecause I can sense that you are.

And would theoretically be even stronger were she to use it on trolls. Same thing goes for the mind manipulation -- if you don't want her to use this power on your character at all, just let me know!

Other/Trigger Warning

Mindfang is not a good person. She is shown to use her ability to read and control minds to exploit a slave into sex. She does what she wants and has no qualms about it. If you'd like to opt out of all interaction with her, please let know and I'll be sure not to tag you!
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==> 005470

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005408

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005409

And so I am visited 8y a 8it of 8ad luck for a change. It's not possi8le to evade it forever, I suppose. I will simply have to endure the misfortune of o8serving his 8ase and artless measures of retali8tion.

==> 005410

8lah 8lah 8lah )

==> 005413

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005414

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005417

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005418

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005419

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005642

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005646

Much fanfare was made of the trial. More than I would have dared to hope. It seems my luck has 8een returning of l8.

==> 005647

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005648

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005649

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005650

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005651

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005652

Upon reflection, Redglare showed the foresight of a true seer in thieving my arm 8efore the trial.

==> 005653

It permitted a fair fight.

==> 005654

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005655

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005656

8lah 8lah 8lah. )


8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005658

8lah 8lah 8lah. )

==> 005659

8lah 8lah 8lah. )


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